Get 1024 GB Cloud Storage FOREVER. Back Up your Photos & Videos Automatically!

TeraBox is a free cloud storage tool for data backup, files sharing and video display. Get 1TB (1024 GB) of secure cloud storage, and have extra storage space for your devices.

TeraBox Features:
☁️ FREE cloud drive for backup your documents safely
* 1024GB of free cloud storage to back up all your files.
* Upload multiple types of files to TeraBox.
* Multiple privacy protections.
* Safely storage your files with any devices.
* Quickly access recent and important files.
* Intelligent classified album.
* Sharing the files privately.

With TeraBox cloud drive you can:
🌟 – Get huge cloud storage space for FREE
Install TeraBox now to get free 1024 GB storage space.

🌟 – Automatic photo storage & data backup
Free cloud storage and backup your files safely.

🌟 – Multi-device sync
sync files across all your devices (available for iOS, Windows, Androids, MacOS, Linux and any popular web browser).

🌟 – Intelligent album
Automatically categorize all the photos you upload. Easy to find out the photo you want in intelligent classification of the album.

🌟 – Find files faster
Search easily for files by name and classification.

🌟 – Secure file sharing
Share your documents with permissions. (people need your special code to access your sharing, or you set the link public for anyone to see.)

🌟 – Privacy protection
Multiple protection mechanisms to guarantee your account security.

Access and share your files, backup photos & videos, built-in audio player

pCloud is the secure place where you can store, preview and share files, anywhere you go. Start with up to 10 GB free storage.

You’ll be able to backup photos and videos from your device, play your personal playlists, or preview work-related documents. You’ll also be able to share large files with anyone and add extra security like password protection and expiration date. From your vacation photos to videos and work documents, pCloud brings all your files together.

• Start with up to 10 GB free. Extend the space on your phone with up to 2 TB
• Choose where to store your files – in the United States or the European Union.
• Access and preview files across all your devices
• Backup photos and videos from your phone with the option Automatic Upload
• Share large files with added security (password protection, expiration date)
• Play your personal music collection with the built-in audio player
• Get offline access to important files, when you’re on the go
• Encrypt private files with client-side encryption, using pCloud Encryption

Use pCloud Encryption as the vault for your passwords, financial reports or other sensitive documents. The files you upload to the Crypto folder will be protected with client-side encryption. This means that they will be encrypted before they get uploaded to pCloud. With pCloud’s zero-knowledge privacy policy we, as a service provider, will not know what kind of data you store in the Crypto folder.

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