Aappii Screen nama biroo guutumatti too’achuuf isin fayyadu.

AnyScreen : Mobile Screen Sharing & Assistance

Aappin kun iskiriinii bilbila abbaa barbaaddanii akka to’attaniif isini fayyada. Eddoo barbaaddan teessanii akka isin iskiriinii bilbila keessanii waliif share gochuun namni tokko iskiriinii nama isa biraa akka to’aattan isin dandeessisa. Aappii kan abuufadhaa itti fayyadamaa!

Do you want to live talk on mobile screen.?
Looking for instant Mobile Screen Sharing app.?

AnyScreen : Mobile Screen Sharing & Assistance app is an instant mobile screen sharing app.
You can share your android screen with other android user friends. You can teach the android to the other android user by this Screen Talk app.

Before You start, you need to get connected with the other android user having the same AnyScreen : Mobile Screen Sharing & Assistance app.
One user have to click on send and other on receive to get the Screen Share start. As you click on send than you will get the code which is to be entered in the other user mobile.
You can share the screen with voice also and record it.
Live Mobile Screen Sharing App to share anything live voice talk with your friends and relatives and share your mobile screen to coming live on mobile screen with friends.


📲 The app supports all android devices
📲 Switch Live screen sharing with you another android user
📲 You can live voice talk with friends and family
📲 Easy and fast way to share the mobile screen with other android users
📲 Live Screen Voice talk
📲 Free to launch an app in a smartphone
📲 Live screen sharing of video, images, games, social post
📲 Just with a code share your screen with another user

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