Aappii suuraa sirriitti isiniif bareechuu fi edit godhu.

Beauty Plus v7.5.060 APK + MOD (Latest, Premium) Download

Beauty Plus offers exciting functions to take beautiful photos and filters that bring new color to your work.

Only with Beauty Plus camera can you become professional photography and photo editing expert. Referring to a photo editing application, it is impossible not to mention outstanding features such as using artistic filters, inserting cute stickers, etc., to make a memorable impression on viewers. Not only that, but you can also blur the background behind, even change the background. Beauty Plus mod is also known for its extremely professional video merging function.(beauty plus camera download)


First, you will be shocked by the change in the character’s body in the picture when applying the body editing feature. If you want to gain weight or lose weight, everything can be done to your liking. Not stopping there, you can stretch your legs like a famous international supermodel that captivates viewers. Especially the face, you can even slim the v-line chin like a hot girl.(Get beauty plus download)


The difference between camera and phone photography is that the background is blurred at the back to highlight the main character and object of the photo. However, with Sweet Selfie, you no longer have to worry about that because a blur photo editor feature has been introduced in Beauty Plus apk. You use the brush and move it around on the places that need to be blurred. Beauty Plus mod app is considered a most advanced feature compared to similar applications.(Get beauty plus app download)


After having a photo in hand but not wanting the original color tone, you can enter this world, which makes you more beautiful and gorgeous than ever. Sweet Selfie gives you a treasure trove of hundreds of different artistic filters. Beauty plus app allows you to incarnate with many different styles and colors of photos. The application even allows it to preview and draft filters before officially using and exporting them to other social networking platforms.(Get beauty plus download apk)


Referring to Sweet Selfie, surely no one does not know about the feature Face Tune, it allows you to customize the maximum selfie from teeth, hair, skin, eyes, … When you have a white skin but love hobbies, It doesn’t matter if you have dark skin because, with the touch of a button, you can transform your skin like lightning. Even a skin full of acne, rough turns smooth.(Get beauty plus apk download)


Not stopping there, Beauty Plus apk also has the ability to turn your slightly yellow teeth into pure white in a single note. The tooth and hair are the human identities, so besides the teeth enhancing your bright smile, Sweet Selfie gives you a complete collection of different hairstyles with diverse colors. You do not need to worry about whether it will fit your head or not because once selected, Beauty Plus mod app will automatically adjust and install on the character.


Beauty Plus besides photo editing, also allows you to build and customize music videos. Videos can be made up of several short videos or different images or just one no matter what. Once you’ve selected your photos, you can add free music from your personal library or other existing music channels. In particular, the video’s cover image video is also designed specifically and inserted into the text that is not automatically selected in the video like other similar applications.


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