App suuraa qulqullina olaanaadhaan akka kaatan isin gargaaru

HD Camera is incredible professional camera app!

HD Camera is a fully featured camera app, Take incredible selfie photos with amazing filters!

A fully-featured camera with professional shooting functions

HD Camera is one of the best cameras that can give you a brand new shooting experience. There are many types of photography, and you can set different functions according to your preference. This HD camera is free, allowing you to shoot ordinary photos, panorama, and video perfectly.
Besides, the Pro mode provides detailed settings for you, such as ISO, SCE, AF. The other exciting function is that it can feature as a beauty camera, remove the speckles to create a charming face just with one click. It is worthy of the experience.

Key Features:
Shooting in high definition, beautiful and comprehensive.
Professional adjustment
– ISO: you can change the ISO sensitivity to suit a particular scene, whether indoors or outdoors, bright or dark.
– SCE: night, sports, party, sunset
– White Balance: incandescent, fluorescent, daylight, twilight, cloudy

Personalized editing
– Filters: there are 34 beauty filters in the camera
– Border: 18 types of frames are available, helping you better decorate the photos.
– Adjustment: crop, straighten, rotate, mirror, remove red eyes, draw
– Video: when shooting videos, you can click the screen to intercept a photo under the current lens

Other Features:
– Set the photo and video size
– volume key to take photos
– Countdown timer
– Change the path to save the shooting
– Turn the flash on and off
– Show grid to compose
– Touch the screen to shoot a photo
– Flick the screen up and down to switch the front and rear cameras
– Zoom by pinching the phone screen or sliding the capture button

This multifunctional camera will provide you with amazing shooting joy. Come and download it now. Capture your beautiful moments, enjoy your interesting life!

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