Are you ready to explore education and development opportunities around the world? Download After School Africa now.

With ASA App, opportunity finds you, not the other way round.

Finding and applying for the right scholarships and other funding opportunities is challenging. You’re flooded with so much information that countless possibilities are slipping away.

After School Africa App removes the stress from the search process, eliminates the clutter and presents you with the right opportunities to propel your career. The best part? Only track programs that matter to you.


• Select your preferred CATEGORY(IES) (see list below)
• Discover opportunities by application DEADLINE(S) ahead of time
• Be among the first to know about NEW opportunities
• Get real-time, daily or weekly NOTIFICATIONS based on your selected interest(s)
• BOOKMARK what catches your attention for later, and get follow-up notifications as deadline approaches
• Discover what’s TRENDING right now, in your area(s) of interest
• SEARCH by keyword to find specific information


  • Undergraduate scholarships
  • Masters scholarships
  • MBA scholarships
  • PhD/Doctoral scholarships
  • Fellowships for Professional development
  • Research Grants
  • Entrepreneurship Programs/funding
  • Contests/Awards
  • Short courses & Training
  • Internships & Jobs
  • Workshops & Conferences
  • Call for Papers

With life-changing opportunities at your fingertips, get ready to turn your dreams into reality.

Young Africans are typically smart, ambitious and hardworking. But their paths are littered with frictions and roadblocks limiting them from reaching full potential. At After School Africa, we believe that young people can achieve greater success and make significant impact, if presented with opportunities that align with their potential and ambitions.

Founded in 2009, (ASA) is the go-to source for young Africans to discover and explore local and international funding opportunities for education and professional development. Over the past years, we have helped thousands of Africans access

scholarships, fellowships, contests & awards, entrepreneurship grants and other funding opportunities around the world. With ASA mobile app, our community now have extensive control over how they discover and access these opportunities.

To inspire young Africans to continually develop the capacity to succeed and make impact.

Get assistance for education abroad with Yocket Abroad Studies App

Get started with your seamless study abroad journey with our all-in-one app, Yocket.
Yocket is your quintessential partner to support and guide you through every step of the study abroad process. We have built an ever-growing community of counsellors, financial advisors and experts to create a space that focuses mainly on bringing every aspirants dream to reality. Currently, we are focusing on bachelors, masters and MBA aspirants.

With the new release of the app, we have carefully designed features that make every step of that journey a hassle-free experience.

The many features of Yocket that makes your life easier:
School Finder:

Yocket’s School Finder is an algorithm-driven and unique shortlisting feature that carefully recommends universities based on your profile and preferences. It gives a list of universities under 3 categories: Safe, Moderate and Ambitious.

You don’t have to look for aspirants like you, we list them for you and all you have to do is Connect. We have created a community of aspirants with whom you can chat, share and discuss your study abroad plans.


This is an all-new feature that specifically caters to helping aspirants keep a close eye on their study abroad process.

My Application Manager: It helps you track and manage university applications. It also keeps your shortlisted and wishlist universities.

My Tasks: Add, organize and keep up to date with all your study abroad tasks.

Documents Hub: Your one-place safe for all your application documents (SOPs, LORS, essays), Visa documents, financial documents and more. It provides easy accessibility and download options.

This is where the study abroad community comes to talk, discuss and ask questions about abroad education. It’s a friendly forum for Yocketers to share, like and comment.

Messages: Chat with your fellow aspirants, create groups, join university groups and chat anytime, anywhere with Yocket Messages.

Explore: You can search the Yocket database for universities based on country, names and courses available. We also showcase an automated list of universities based on you study preferences post your sign up.

University Deadlines: Get to know the application deadlines for courses across universities using University deadlines.

Resources: Our resources are boundless and expertly curated to support aspirants at any step of the study abroad process.

Country and course guides: Get all the information regarding abroad education specific to countries and courses. Right from applications, cost of study to work opportunities, etc.

Blogs: A curated list of articles written by students and study abroad experts.

Scholarships: Explore and apply from a long list of popular scholarships from across countries and universities.

Yocket Premium:
Meet the best of Yocket with Premium. Yocket Premium provides end-to-end guidance with a personalized counsellor guiding every step of your journey. It includes many features like mentorships, Visa guidance, financial assistance, application support and much more. We have specific plans that serve students aspiring to study for bachelors, masters and MBA.

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