Money converter with live exchanges rates and graphs with AccuRate™

From the makers of Fraction Calculator Plus comes Currency Converter Plus free – the easiest, most user-friendly stop for global exchange rates, with AccuRate™! With multiple currency fields, historic rate charts, and a built-in calculator for convenience, compare prices anywhere while traveling abroad to be sure you’re getting the best deal at today’s rate. All conversions use live exchange rates from AccuRate™, providing the most accurate rates available in the world. Plus, it still works offline for travel when exchange rate data is not available. The app even supports Bitcoin!


  • Instant currency conversion by setting your own custom fields!
  • Easy calculator with results in local currencies
  • Historic rate charts and graphs (1 week – 1 year)
  • Convert multiple currencies at once
  • All world currencies, Bitcoin, and precious metals
  • Offline exchange rate support for airplane or offline modes
  • Live rates & graphs provided by AccuRate™

Supports currencies for every country including the dollar, euro, pound, yen, yuan, won, franc, ruble, dinar, peso, rupee, shilling, rial, kwacha, dirham, florin, guinea, krona, krone, riyal, colon, som, leu, virtual currencies like Bitcoin, plus precious metals like gold, silver, palladium, platinum and more!

Currency Converter Plus Free (C) 2021 Digitalchemy, LLC.

Free currency converter to calculate currencies and foreign exchange rates.

This is the perfect application when travelling abroad or buying online. It is an international currency and exchange rates converter in real time and totally free.

You can use this currency calculator to convert the actual value of each foreign currency to another one, just type the value you want to calculate, select the currency and you will have a result instantly.

You can use this converter from your mobile, cell phone or tablet even if you do not have internet available a any time.

The main feature of this application is its simple and intuitive design that allows anyone to use it without problem and clearly.

170 Currencies, Refreshed 10 mins, Dark Mode, Clean UI, Offline Fast Converter

CCC (Currency Converter Calculator) is the easiest, simplest and fastest currency converter and calculator App coming with modern design right into your pocket !

CCC (Currency Converter Calculator) is a quick currency converter and calculator app. There are 170 currencies supported and rates are refreshed every 10 minutes. It can convert a single currency to multiple currencies at the same time also It can calculate mathematical operations. It also supports offline conversion with the last online data. You do not have to choose a target currency because it converts automatically to all of your favorite currencies(The Currencies you interest). You can select your favorite currencies which you are interested in order to filter main result screen. It designed for quick and fast conversion.

If you are a traveler or changing your country so often, you can keep real time exchange rates in your pocket, and you can use also offline mode. Great while traveling !

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