Download More RAM Simulator

Download more RAM for your device simulator

Device too slow to play games ❌ Just download some more RAM ✔️
Device too slow to surf webs ❌ Just download some more RAM ✔️
Device too slow to do anything at all ❌ Just download some more RAM ✔️

👍 Just with some clicks, your device will run a lot faster than before 👍
😉😉😉 TRY IT YOURSELF !!! 😉😉😉

Note: this is just a prank app- a simulator to fool you or your friends into download more RAM, it does not work AT ALL !! 😄😄😄

Speed up your mobile with RAM Cleaner 10GB

If your are looking for a mobile speed boosting application then you have found it. 10 GB RAM Cleaner is the right application you are looking for, 10 GB RAM Cleaner is a mobile optimization app the speed ups your mobile speed by cleaning unused RAM of your mobile.
Powerful cleanup of memory. Just one tap start.
Special knowledge and settings are NOT needed!

Your phone will more smoothly run with RAM Cleanup!

Clean up (free up) the memory (RAM) to speed up (boost) your device with saving more battery and cooling down CPU. Just starting the app makes it easy to totally optimize your device.

You don’t need any special knowledge for optimization of the smartphone system and performance.
You can remove the animation if you want.
Total memory reduction helps much faster operation with saving battery for gaming, browsing and OS itself.

Advanced functions:
-Auto closing.
-Auto clean function by recognition of exceeding threshold of memory usage ratio.
-Color settings for texts, background, foreground, and animation.
-Shortcut for customized cleanup.

Try this simple and light memory cleaner!

Function A:

  • Stops all background services
  • Stops all background Applications
  • Stops all background processes
    Function B:
  • Clears trash files
  • Remove useless installation packages
  • Clears Temporary Files
  • Delete Log files
  • Clears Application caches files
  • Process clean up
    Function C:
  • You can remove unwanted applications

10 GB RAM Cleaner is designed for new mobiles with latest OS up to android O Oreo devices. 10 GB RAM Cleaner supports mobile RAM up to 10 GB and it also works best for low RAM devices like 2GB, 4GB and 6GB

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