Fast and easy ethiopian birr currency converter

Ethiopian Birr ETB – with fast, easy currency converter and shopping calculator

Easy, fast and handy Ethiopia currency (Ethiopian Birr) converter and calculator.
Convert between ETB (Ethiopian Birr) and popular world currencies like US Dollar, Euro, Pound, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc and more than 90 others.
Convert between ETB (Ethiopian Birr) and crypto (NEW) currencies like Bitcoin, Etherium and more than 60 others.
3 IN 1 – Converter, Calculator, Discount tool.
Automatic rate update Ethiopian Birr ETB to all currency, saves rates for later offline usage!

Main features:
    ‣ instant converter – instant currency ETB converter from/to popular currencies of the world
    ‣ calculator – calculated result is also instantly converted to/from Ethiopian Birr ETB
    ‣ discount tool – calculate final price after discount, useful when shopping and on SALE season!

    ‣ conversion fee – add custom fee to your conversions, by percent or/and by value
    ‣ quick conversion table – for quick reference currency conversions Ethiopian Birr (ETB) rates, or add your own (NEW)
    ‣ automatic rate update automatic and regular rate update Ethiopian Birr (ETB)
    ‣ custom rate custom currency rate setting – set your own rate for even more precise currency rates
    ‣ offline rates once downloaded, rates are saved on your device! No internet needed.

    ‣ Supported languages: English, German(Deutsch), Spanish(Español), French(Français), Russian(Русский), Lithuanian(Lietuvių), Italian(Italiano)
    ‣ swap values in places among ETB and others
    ‣ copy, paste, clear values
    ‣ customise conversion precision: 2, 3 or 4 decimal places
    ‣ custom thousands separator (6 styles)
    ‣ custom comma “,” or “.”
    ‣ vibro on button click
    ‣ all digits fits in screen (AutoFit)
    ‣ App themes

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