Messenger Fake Chat Prank

 Fake Lite Messenger for Messages, Video Calls and Chat 🗯

⚫️ A quick and lifelike fake chat messaging app that pranks the people of your life. You can make jokes to your friends and also with this app you can easily get rid of difficult situations

⚫️ Create fake messenger conversations for facebook messenger & prank your friends by sharing the fake chats generated.

⚫️ Have fun with Messenger Lite Chat Conversation Prank, the new, completely FREE app that lets you generate fake conversations of the most famous messaging services.

⚫️ Latest messenger fake chat generator used by celebrities. Create your own fake facebook messages using our fake chat messenger and prank your friends.

The most obvious features of the application
– Share fake chat story.
– List story funny.
– Auto chat AI.
– Fake chats may be formed with everyone you want to (text, photo audio file)
– Control the both sides of the conversation.
– Create Fake Groups and add fake members.
– Have all the control of the details of the conversation.
– Change the status of the conversation.
– Change the status and the time of the messages.
– Send screen-short fake video call.
– Automatic fake reply to fool anyone in real-time.
– Dark mode support.

– And more….

– This application is only for joke and not related with Facebook.
– It’s not a real chatting app, It’s a fake chat maker app used for creating jokes, memes, and stories.
– Policy:

Pranking your friends have never been so much fun.

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