Guyyaa guyaadhaan haala qilleensa naannoo keessanii bilbila keessaniin beekuuf

The most accurate and reliable weather forecasts across the globe

The most accurate and reliable weather forecasts across the globe.

The brand new real-time dynamic effects bring your digital world much more fun

Get real time temperature updates and weather warnings.

Track wind speed and get weather forecast in current location and selected cities, get prepared for your outdoor plan.

Real feel and humidity tells you how the temperature actually feels outside.

View real-time weather forecasts, air quality indices, and more

You can view real-time weather forecasts, 24-hour forecasts, 15-day forecasts, air quality index and other forecast information around the world. Forecast future weather information, when will it rain and snow!

—–Product Feature ——–

【15 day weather forecast】 Weather, wind direction, temperature, air quality forecast for the next 15 days;
【Real-time weather information】 Get the weather forecast and air quality pollution index of your current location in real time;
【Hourly weather forecast】 Easily check weather changes within 24 hours to prevent excessive temperature difference between morning and evening;
【Air quality forecast】 Query hourly air quality and air pollution, PM2.5 index and AQI index information in the next 5 days;
【Desktop Widget】 Provide a variety of different sizes of desktop weather themes, you can check the weather when you open your phone;
【Meteorological disaster warning】 Timely reminder of abnormal weather conditions to help you take precautions in time;
【Radar map】 A clear radar chart shows precipitation trends, providing accurate weather forecast trends to protect your travel.

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