Koiner play and win cash

Play & Collect the points to redeem them into real and legit cash money

Koiner is the best app to play with your phone and make legit cash money at the same time.

How it works?

  • Play the games.
  • Collect the points.
  • Redeem the points into real cash.
    It is that simple and easy.

We have many things for you.

  • Hourly and daily rewards.
  • Silvers Card Scratches.
  • Gold Card Scratches.
  • Spin The Wheel.
  • Tic Tac Toe.
    And many more things.

How to Redeem Points:

  • Go to Wallet.
  • Select Payment Method.
  • Enter the information and the amount of points.
    We will send the payment within 24 hours of your redeem request.

Please note that our system might block your account if you try to cheat in the app to collect more points! play it fair!

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