Lakkooftuu baraa ykn Calendara Afaan Oromoo

Lakkooftuu Baraa ykn Kalandarii Afaan Oromootiin

Lakkooftuu Baraa Afaan Oromootiin

This is a well-crafted android app that has the following: – Calendar, event and reminder taking tools, calendar converter and widget.

You can add official Holidays, events and reminders to this application easily. You can add events and reminders by writing title of the event or reminder, description, and set date and time. The app will remind you on that exact time and Date. You can delete the event or reminder easily.

The app has a calendar widget, which tells time and date. You have to activate it from your phones widget setting. The app also has a calendar converter. You can convert dates to Gregorian calendar, Ethiopian Calendar, and Hijri Arabic Calendar.

This application contains the Oromo calendar that is officially implemented by The Oromia National Regional State (caffee oromiyaa ጨፌ ኦሮሚያ). This is NOT the original indigenous Oromo calendar (Dhaha Oromoo). This is Gregorian calendar in Afaan Oromoo.

Applikeeshiniin kuni lakkooftuu Baraa isaa Mootummaa Naannoo Oromiyaa (caffeen oromiyaa) fayadamuu Afaan Oromootiin qaba.

Thank you for downloading,
OROMNET Software and Application Development, Nekemte, Ethiopia

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