Seerlugaan mosaajii seerlugaa afaan oromoo haala salphaan barsiisu.

Seerlugaan mosaajii seerlugaa afaan oromoo haala salphaan barsiisu yoo ta’u mata dureewwan heddu uf keessaa qaba. applikeeshiniin kun fayyadamtoonni rakkoo tokko malee seerlugaa afaan oromoo akka dubisanii baratan taasisa. dabataan mosaajjiin kun yaaliifi qormaata of keessaa qaba.

Easy to use Afaan Oromo learning application for all Ethiopians

Learn Afaan Oromo language

Have you ever wondered to learn Afaan Oromo language but not know where to start? Have you traveled to Ethiopia and find it difficult to relate to locals speaking Afaan Oromo ? Look no more! This app includes all the important words and phrases to get you started in the exciting language of Afaan Oromo. Afaan Oromo are spoken as a first language by more than 35 million Oromo and neighboring peoples in Ethiopia.

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