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The must-have app for all football fans!

World Cup 2022 Predictor – The must-have app for all football fans!

Invite your friends and bet on the results in the World Cup 2022 matches to see who’s the best of your friends and colleagues. You can set up your own groups and at the same time compete against all users. You also have the option to bet on which team will end in first, second and third place in the tournament as well as the top scorer.

Premium features

Unlock groups.
Buy to create and join more than 5 groups.

Unlock invites.
Buy to invite more then 5 people per group.

Qatar World Cup 2022 Proven App with Live score online!

This World Cup 2022 app is suitable for all football fans and Qatar 22 betting fans in particular! Choose any World Cup matches and study their live score analyses! With this app, you will be able to bet effectively on sports and learn a lot of matches from the Qatar 22 World Cup. Appreciate the cool predictions functionality of this sports betting app! In the app, you can all the matches and analyses of these matches. This is a very useful live score app! You can bet and study all World Cup 2022 matches. Record all the details of your bets so that you can analyze the Qatar 22 results later. This is very important so that you can study all the sports betting match statistics!

This app has a very cool and user-friendly football interface! You will see a lot of football matches. And every time you can live score study all the stats and World Cup 2022 predictions. Thanks to the simplicity and convenience of the Qatar 22 app, all the information is easy to find!
Download this useful World Cup 2022 prediction app right now! Make your sports betting predictions efficiently, bet and live score study them. Don’t miss a single Qatar 22 World Cup match! Become the best in football World Cup 2022 predictions!

Technical analysis of live football stats & odds, just like in the stock market.

Fotgram app provides a brand-new perspective to evaluate football teams and matches, learning from the experience of the financial market.

Once you have browsed the interface, you will be amazed at its potential.
Without doubt, Fotgram app is your right-hand man for the upcoming 2022 Qatar World Cup — no matter if you’re looking for football predictions for bet, or fantasy football simulator:

If you’re searching for football prediction apps and football betting tips, we believe you’ll find Fotgram prediction modular – built with cutting-edge machine learning techniques and statistical models – very practical.

If you need more technical indicators to guide your betting, don’t miss out our live trends chart, which integrates match stats, odds and Fotgram indexes, and updates latest data in realtime.

If you want to find patterns and trends from historical data, make sure you check out our unprecedented candlestick charts about soccer teams, where you can apply technical analysis just like you’re analyzing stock charts or financial diagrams.

Fotgram app also features its powerful rendering engine that draws gorgeous graphics. Users can experience 3 types of charts:

Cadlestick chart evaluates the performance of a team over a period of time.

Trends chart visualizes live and historical soccer match stats.

Tree-map chart demonstrates winning probabilities by rectangle area.

2022 Qatar World Cup is not the only tournament you can expect from Fotgram app — in fact, more than 1200 leagues and championships are covered, from England Premier League, Spain La Liga, Italy Serie A, Germany Bundesliga, France Ligue 1, to UEFA Champions League, Europa League, to European Championship, Copa América, Africa Cup of Nations, AFC Asian Cup, … we cover them all!

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