fake chat telegram-prank conversation

The description of fake chat telegram-prank conversation (fake make) App

How To Use (Tutorial): https://youtu.be/a5bPMrZdW14

Fake make A fake chat maker app that is used to fake text messages.

Fake make is the most popular fake chat app for free.

A new fake chat joke that you certainly did not do so right now in telegram, but now install a fake chat and be the first to do that joke with friends. ☺️

Fake chat is a program with which you can create a fake conversation account that looks real, Similar to your telegram environment, then take a screenshot and joke with your friends through telegram and WhatsApp or any other social network. Share 😊.

You can create a fake chat with any settings you like and actually do some kind of hack telegram 😏, with anyone you like, and with every profile picture of your telegram, you can easily create a fake chat log. And use it to entertain your friends πŸ˜†.

β€―The Android fake chat Software is the best fake chat conversation or Telegram Chat makes you can exciting entertainment. With this app, send fake chat messages to the celebrities, and whatever you like to hear from them, type and share and enjoy this chat feature.

With this app, you do not have to download fake SMS text ❌ and you can easily do any text and telegram stickers for fake conversation βœ”οΈ and by providing a screenshot of chat (fake conversation)πŸ“±, you can easily use it. In fact, with this fake chat app you create a fake chat conversation and make it look real.

By fake chat maker, you can surprise your friends and have fun with them for hours.

What are you waiting for? Try it now πŸ“², you can also act as the sender of the message telegram ↗️ or as the receiver of the telegram β†˜οΈ.

Fake chat application not only does not require internet, but there is no other cost to use 😍;

Because the Android fake conversation maker is not really a real messenger, it’s a messenger that’s used to make a screenshot of fake chat.

Features of the app:

– 😏 Create a fake chat with anyone (even Donald Trump)!

– 😏 Ability to insert and edit the date of sending and receiving a telegram message

– 😏 Capability to insert the profile picture telegram

– 😏 Adjust the amount of fake chat

– 😏 Full support for the new Emoji

– 😏 configurable fake status

– 😏 Ability to set the number of unread messages in the telegram

– 😏 Ability to create a fake telegram profile with any number and name

– 😏 Ability to set the Bio section description

– 😏 Control both sides of the telegram conversation

– 😏 Adjustable telegram background image

– 😏 very easy to use

– 😏 A fast, An interesting and compact program of fake chat

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