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Draw password to unlock your phone.

Draw password to unlock your phone.

Add/change/delete gesture
Invisible/solid/transparent gesture colors
Gesture sensitivity
Single (one touch drawing) and multiple gesture strokes
Set letters, numbers, symbols, signatures, anything as gesture password
Gesture Lock Screen is a unique signature lock screen

Intruder Selfie
Snaps a photo of intruder who entered wrong gestures or PINs
Send intruder alert and photo to your email address

Show intruder notification on unlock
Show date and time on intruder photos
Custom intruder wrong attempts
View/open/change intruder selfie folder
Gesture Lock Screen is a intruder selfie alert lock screen

Notifications on lock screen are available for Android 4.3 and newer
Show unread messages, missed calls, music player, alarm and more notifications on lock screen
Hide sensitive notification content
Single/double tap notification to draw gesture to unlock and view details
Swipe to remove notification
Custom notification background and text color
Change notification’s size and position
Gesture Lock Screen is a highly customizable notification lock screen

Enter recovery password to unlock in case you forgot the gesture
4~8-digit recovery passwords
Gesture Lock Screen is a secure keypad lock screen

Pick wallpaper from local gallery
Online Unsplash wallpapers
Rich date & time settings
Custom lock/unlock/error sounds
Unlock animations
Gesture Lock Screen is a highly customizable DIY lock screen

Screen off and lock your phone without pressing the physical power button.
One tap away to lock your phone.
This app use the Device Administrator permission.

Please download Gesture Lock Screen, set letters, numbers, symbols, signatures or contextual gestures as password, and draw to unlock your phone

Draw letters draw numbers draw shapes draw signature and draw contain.

Gesture Lock Screen
Signature Lock Screen you get more security because nobody can use your phone without your signature.
Gesture lock screen – draw signature & letter lock this is gesture lock screen pro for gesture lock screen and app lock with gesture lock screen draw off screen. The smart gesture screen lock and unlock with new gesture lock screen all and letters lock screen or signature lock screen to drawing lock screen for the best lock screen. This is the best screen lock app to gesture app lock or screen locker and gesture panel with pattern lock screen or unlock screen with android device manager unlock or unlock pattern lock to gesture on lock screen. An app lock download is audio manager apps lock-in app lock fingerprint with android pattern lock for lock the phone pattern lock with face lock screen or door lock screen is download gesture screen lock for android.
If you want something different to lock /unlock your phone and tired using old pattern locks try our Gesture Lock Screen App.

  • The simple and intuitive interface
    -Fingerprint lock screen
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Create your own gesture to unlock the apps
  • Use your stylish gestures or letters as lock screen password.
  • Free to write any symbol, shapes, alphanumeric, signature etc. and dedicate it to your app
  • Set your own text (name) with the color lock and color adjustment on the screen.
  • Support customization for Gesture lock:

Set your desired Gestures, Signature, Shape, Pattern, PIN to Unlock Your Phone.

Are you using the Default and old pattern & PIN Locks as a Phone Lock Screen? Now it’s time for New Modern & Stylish Screen Locks for your device. Yes, now you are able to experience a unique and Stylish Gesture Lock Screen for Your Android Device. You can draw your Desired Gesture, Signature, Shape, etc., and set it’s your Phone Screen Lock. You must try something different on Screen Lock. Make your Phone Screen more adventure and Interesting by Using Gestures, Shapes, and Signatures as Phone Screen Lock. Gesture Lock Screen and Signature Phone Lock are more secure because nobody can guess your signature or gesture. Surprise your loved ones with a unique fantastic Shape Screen Lock.

So what are you waiting for? Download this amazing & stylish Gesture Lock Screen and make your home screen lock more stylish and beautiful with Gesture Lock Screen and Signature Phone Lock.

Lock Types:
Gesture Lock
Signature Lock
Fingerprint Lock
Pattern Lock
PIN Lock

Get in touch with us & stay tuned for more entertainment & fun. Try this Gesture Lock Screen and Signature Phone Lock app. If You Like This Screen Lock app then don’t forget to share it with your friends, family, and loved ones. Rate us on Play Store. Your suggestions are important for us so you can provide suggestions to us. Thanks for choosing us.

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