WhatsApp is going to messaging without internet

WhatsApp is going to start a service that will allow users to send messages even if the Internet is interrupted

Meta Company said, “Even if governments shut down the Internet, my users’ connections will not be interrupted.”

The association’s social networking site, WhatsApp, which is a text, voice, photo and video messaging service, said it would allow people to send messages even if the Internet was shut down.

According to Meta, the company that manages WhatsApp; “After this, even if governments shut down the Internet, my users will not be disconnected,” he said.
The giant messaging application WhatsApp, which is managed under Meta Cup, has said that the recent internet shutdowns in Iran and other countries around the world will no longer block WhatsApp messaging.

WhatsApp accuses that those who block the internet are denying human rights and preventing people from getting urgent help.

WhatsApp, which called on the international community to voluntarily support proxy servers; He said he will give instructions on how to set up proxy servers.

WhatsApp has announced in its blog post that communications and messaging through proxy servers are highly confidential and secure.

The WhatsApp app has two billion users worldwide, with Europe, America, the Middle East and Africa having the most users.

WhatsApp, which is a messaging service, has recently announced a new service that facilitates the exchange of messages between users through a proxy server (a server outside the country’s control) during internet shutdowns.

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