Check the Father of the Baby

Do you know who’s the daddy of the child?

The child’s mother and “father” argued on the spot.

Compare all the characteristics of kids and dads.

Show DNA results to indicate whether it is the father.

You can choose to judge!

Do you want to predict your future baby face? We generate your future baby face

Our app scan parents faces and analyze facial features to make a prediction about your future baby’s face.
As a result, the app will generate baby faces

It is possible to predict and generate many faces of the child, with the same parents

You can see how your child will look if he looks more like a dad or a mom – just change the tracking percentage

Nature is very diverse, and we cannot guarantee a 100% similarity result, even siblings have different faces. This app just analyzes facial features based on photos to make predictions.

Prediction given may not be accurate and may different from reality but it will give an good idea about your future baby

Very easy to use. Just follow three steps:

  1. Choose photos of dad and mom.
  2. Select gender and age.
  3. Press the heart button and wait.

In addition, our application also has other great features such as creating many photo collages of family, save and share photos.

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