Safely track family & friends on Map using GPS Location with Family Locator app!

Stop worrying about your family’s safety and download the AMIGO360 app. You can seamlessly track all your family and friends, using this Family Locator app. By using the Amigo360 app you can find your friends & family location on the live map using their mobile’s GPS. It’s a smart way to track your circle members in real-time. Likewise, you can track your On-Ground Staff at all times. Vehicle Tracking is also possible using AMIGO360.

Features of Family Tracking app:

  • Create multiple Circles where you can add people of your choice. To locate them, they need to share their GPS location to grab their exact position on the map.
  • Real-time location sharing to locate your family on trips with ETA from the selected destinations.
  • Detect over-speeding by members and get notified using Overspeed Alerts.
  • Get notified when your members of the circle reach their destination using Geofencing.
  • Locate your on-field employee’s location by tracking their GPS location using the employee locator feature.
  • Amigo360 app can be used for fleet management as well, by tracking the exact location of the commercial vehicles like vans, buses, trucks etc. that minimizes the risks associated with vehicle investment. Track your vehicle GPS position on the go as it enables real-time tracking and confirms safety.
  • It helps you to stay in touch with your family members.

Amigo360 Family Locator can also track:

  • Location History of your registered circle members using Family locator.
  • Track your Kids live location, while they go to school or somewhere else.
  • Track a registered mobile phone – With the GPS position tracking feature, where you can track your mobile phone’s exact location.
  • Track your circle members’ route so that they reach their destination safely. So, you can stop bothering them by texting to know where they have reached.
  • Check the last online details of your registered circle members.

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