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GoVPN is the perfect secure VPN & Proxy you need, no nasty signups!

Are you looking for a free fast and secure VPN, Proxy solution?
Are you worried about hotspots spying on you or blocking you from viewing selected content?
Want to hide your IP from possible attacks?
Look no further, GoVPN is the right APP for you!

GO VPN is the perfect hotspot shield, secure VPN & Proxy you need, you’re connected with a simple tap, no nasty signups, payments or hidden cost.
With daily server updates and thousands of available IP’s GoVPN lets you change your location instantly with many locations to choose from and it can’t be blocked. Enable yourself with perfect privacy and blazing fast turbo VPN speeds.
Did we mention UNLIMITED downloads? Yes, there is no limits of time-usage, no limits of used bandwidth.
GoVPN works everywhere and use-cases are limitless. There are no restrictions you could run into.

What does GoVPN offer to you?

  • True one tap VPN, connection is established to a betternet within seconds
  • Simple and easy VPN interface, no hassle or guessing, hola!
  • Dozens of locations on multiple dedicated VPN servers
  • Unlimited streaming and unblock master
  • No trials, no payments Full VPN, immediately
  • Top speeds home and abroad

Great Freedom VPN

  • Unrestricted access to all online content
  • P2P freedom
  • Incognito VPN browsing and a VPN tunnel
  • Web Proxy for government censored content
  • Turbo charged VPN with Express VPN speeds
  • Disable school, campus, university or work WiFi restrictions
  • Enables you with private internet access a free super VPN

Limitless usage of GoVPN

  • Use it to get access to Netflix, Hulu or blocked YouTube content in your country
  • Get around government firewalls, blocks and general censorship
  • Secure yourself in unsafe WiFi environments like Cafes, Bars, Hotels, Trains, Airports
  • Get around Geo-restrictions
  • Unlock social media sites like Facebook VPN, Instagram VPN, Viber, Whatsapp etc.
  • Unblock access to voice calls from Facebook messenger, Skype, Viber calls and Whatsapp calls

Where can I use GoVPN and which cloud proxy servers are available?
You can use our VPN & Proxy anywhere, anytime. With many available locations you are able to switch it on the go.

  • USA VPN (EAST + WEST Servers)
  • Canada VPN
  • Germany VPN
  • Austria VPN
  • Romania VPN
  • France VPN
  • United Kingdom VPN
  • Switzerland VPN
  • Belgium VPN
  • Hungary VPN
  • Singapore VPN
  • Netherlands VPN
  • Spain VPN
  • Italy VPN
  • Czech Republic VPN
  • India VPN

Important Disclaimer:
This APP is updated regularly and new servers, IPs and locations added frequently. Unfortunately, while we would love to give a 100% guarantee for availability in your country, some places do their best to prevent their citizens having freedom.
If there are issues with censorship please use the in-APP feedback option to report it to us, we will do our best to make it work again.

Shuttle VPN : Secure & Unlimited VPN Proxy To Unblock Website. Fastest VPN Proxy

VPN : Shuttle VPN – Free- & Unlimited Proxy
Free VPN! High Speed VPN ! The Best Free, Unlimited & Secure VPN Client for Android

Fast VPN Proxy: Super Fast VPN can bypass school wifi restrictions and can unblock sites. It can also unblock video not available in your country.
Shuttle VPN : Master in solving all Internet censorship problems
★ This is the Fastest Free VPN Proxy Master (This is the Best VPN with Superb Speed) ever made
★ Simple Interface. One Tap Connect
★ 20+ different worldwide VPN proxy server locations.
★ Best VPN Free Proxy for Mobile Games- Brazil Game VPN, Philippines Game VPN
★ Best VPN for High end games – Taiwan VPN for online games
★ Best VPN for Call of Duty Mobile – CODM Canada VPN, CODM Australia VPN
★ Shuttle VPN Proxy- Master in Unblocking any blocked website such as: Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, etc..
★ NO LOGS VPN! you’re completely anonymous and protected.
★ All features of Premium paid-up Secure & Turbo Speed VPN Browser Service for ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Now You Can Access Blocked Internet Content easily with just a click using Shuttle VPN Super Secure Fast VPN Tunnels. We use secure encryption to bypass all censorships
Shuttle Super VPN is the best VPN Free with secure worldwide server network.

★ Stable Connection

  • Super Speed VPN & Stable Connection
  • Global VPN Network For USA, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, Philippines, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea & more.
  • Perfect support for Saudi Arabia VPN and the United Arab Emirates(UAE VPN)

★Anonymous & Secure & Privacy protection VPN Browser:

  • Shuttle VPN Free successfully passed the “DNS Leak” test, can effectively prevent DNS leaks, to provide you with fake IP, hide the real IP.
  • All traffic (UDP / TCP) is encrypted when Free VPN Shuttle is running.
  • Shuttle VPN – Master Proxy can protect your network traffic under the WiFi hotspot

★ Free VPN – Master Proxy Servers In Multiple Locations :

  • United States VPN Proxy
  • Germany VPN – Fastest VPN For Germany
  • Brazil VPN – Play online games with Brazil VPN
  • Philippines VPN – Play high end mobile games with Philippines VPN
  • Australia VPN Proxy
  • Singapore VPN Proxy
  • Canada VPN – Fastest Speed VPN For Canada
  • Russia VPN Proxy
  • South Korea VPN Proxy
  • Thailand VPN Proxy
  • Hong Kong VPN – Unblock Websites Using Hong Kong VPN
  • Taiwan VPN Proxy
  • Japan VPN Proxy

Why use a VPN Proxy?

An unlimited VPN Proxy- Master in creating a secure, encrypted “tunnel” over the internet between your computer, smartphone or tablet and whatever website or app you are trying to access. Thats why it can also unblock geographically restricted content.

Shuttle VPN Proxy- Master of All VPN App services

Enjoy Shuttle VPN unlimited with super speed and bandwidth for Lifetime

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