Duplicate photo finder and fixer is a very useful tool for your phone that freely deletes duplicate photos, videos, audio, contacts & other media from your phone and free up space. Download the free app now!

This duplicate media cleaner deletes duplicate photos & contacts or any other media instantly. By using the duplicate photo finder tool, you can easily remove duplicates and videos for free.

Simply open the Duplicate file remover app, you can easily find all kinds of duplicate media. Just select the type of duplicate media file you want to clean e.g., duplicate images, audios, duplicate videos, documents, duplicate contacts, or any other duplicate file. Then select the delete button. Then wait for a while. Duplicate file delete will clean up all your duplicate files.

Duplicate file finder and Duplicate file fixer use artificial intelligence and only remove duplicate files from your phone, not all the files, and keep one copy of the file.

Type of difficulties are caused by duplicate files:

  ● Slows your mobile phone and android device down.
  ● It takes useless and needless space.
  ● Generates disarray and disorder on your phone.
  ● Clutters or disturb devices make processing data typical.
  ● Makes internet searches more & more complex and slower.
  ● Decreases useful storage capacity by a larger margin

Outstanding Features:

Delete Duplicate Contacts:
Duplicate contact finder and fixer help you delete duplicate contacts. Duplicate contacts remover finds all the duplicate contacts in your phone and deletes similar contacts. Duplicate media remover is a powerful duplicate contact cleaner app on the Play Store.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner:
Duplicate photo fixer app delete duplicate pictures and similar photos in a single touch. e similar photo detector and image finder manages your photos and keeps only a single copy of the image and deletes the rest. Duplicate photo remover is the best duplicate media remover app.

Delete Duplicate Audio Files:
Duplicate music remover and cleaner delete similar music files and delete duplicate songs from your device. Duplicate songs finder finds all the duplicate songs in your device and then finally deletes duplicate music files instantly. Duplicate File Delete: Free Duplicate File Fixer is an excellent app available on the Play Store.

Duplicate Videos Cleaner:
The Duplicate video finder helps in delete duplicate video files and makes your device storage clean from duplicate unwanted video files. Double video finder and remover deletes all the duplicate videos from your device and keeps your phone free from junk files.

Duplicate Documents Remover/PDF Remover:

Duplicate file finder and same file remover makes your phone free from all kinds of duplicates and unnecessary PDF files and deletes duplicate PDF file from your mobile. Duplicate files fixer enhances your phone storage in a very easy way. Duplicate file cleaner only removes and fixes identical files.

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