Welcome to ethio telecom telebirr service

Ethio telecom telebirr service enables you to deposit, receive, transfer and spend money using your mobile number. With telebirr you can easily conduct cashless transactions and receive international remittance. Additionally, telebirr app allows you to make payments at shops/convenient stores via QR codes, purchase goods and services online/remotely or even withdraw physical cash at nearby agents.
Enjoy the convenience of telebirr by making transactions solely on your mobile. No need to travel and carry physical cash, everything you need is available at the tip of your mobile.

Key benefits:

  • Easily receive money on your mobile and spend it flexibly.
  • Easily send money from your mobile and your family will get it at nearby agent.
  • Conveniently receive international remittance on your mobile.
  • Just click to purchase Ethio telecom Airtime and packages
  • Tap and Pay for your school fees, tickets and different purchases anywhere anytime
  • Get your payment on mobile conveniently
  • Click and make payment for goods and services
  • Increase your efficiency by collecting payment on your mobile
  • telebirr partner app is the fast and simple way for money transaction.

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