The description of Gootota Oromoo App

The app provides basic information on Oromo stars especially those that played a great role in Oromo struggle for freedom. The main objective of the app is to enable the new generation to know more about the heroes and heroines that have struggled for emancipation of Oromo from tyranny and who still continue to do so.

The information about the Oromo stars were mostly taken from Wikipedia Oromo section. It is possible to get the information from Wikipedia directly, but using this app saves users from requiring Internet connection every time to go to Wikipedia. Keep in mind that Wikipedia will be edited continuously which means the information in the app may be slightly different from the one on Wikipedia after a time.

Besides, information about Oromo cultures such as Gadaa system, Ireechaa and Siiqqee were included in the app. Knowing these helps respect ones culture and be proud of it.

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