Real Realistic Simulation

Very realistic weapon simulation with accurate interactions and lots of guns

Featuring the most realistic and immersive weapon simulation in stunning 3D graphics. All weapons are inspired by real existing guns and behave exactly like real firearms.

Train to clear malfunctions (i.e. jams and light strikes) and make use of the slow motion feature while inspecting the firearm models in fully 3D. Of course, all weapons are featuring realistic and unique sounds for interactions and firing.

This simulation is so realistic that you can use it to teach people how to handle real firearms safely.

Currently featuring pistols (single-action and double-action), rifles and machineguns.

More guns will be added. Make sure to give feedback what kind of weapons and features you want to see being added next.

Enjoy realistic looking shooting experience while unlocking your device

Are you tired of using the conventional screen locks such as pattern & pin locks? if you want to stand out of the crowd use this powerful Pistol screen lock with a realistic gun & fire.

This is a perfect gun lock screen with real high-quality gun sound effects which makes this lock screen unique and realistic.

The lock screen pistol app has the HD gun graphics which will look perfect for a home screen lock. Smooth & hustle-free animations with a one-touch unlock that will makes you smile each time you unlock your phone. You will instantly fall in love with this pistol fire screen lock. Surprise your friends & family and look cool while showcasing the best creative gun lock screen on your smartphone.

Below you will find the info on Gun shooting lock screen and steps on how to install Gun shooting lock screen. Enable your pistol firing screen lock from setting screen.

Set the pin code and remember it. To unlock enter your 4 digit passcode and tap on the pistol to open lock.


• Secure Photos and Apps
• Battery Status
• Call Alert
• SMS Alert
• Date and Time
• Beautiful & sophisticated interface
• Very Useful and easy to use
• No chance of hack of your lock sequence
• Free of cost
• Finest and cool security lock screen
• Realistic sound effects of gun fire.
• Look like a realistic pistol fire lock screen.
• FREE Pistol Lock for everyone.

Huge theme store and a wide variety of lock screens for you! Locker themes with great 3D wallpapers and realistic effects.

We also support different ways to unlock screen. Don’t like the way of unlocking screen? Don’t worry, we provide more lockers with different ways to unlock. You can try slide to unlock and Pin lock.

Protect privacy
Hate someone who snoops your phone? This app will prevent intruders from checking your photos, videos, messages and contacts. Set a 4 digit password for your apps, so no one can use the apps expect yourself.

Shows digital clock and date
Accurate time display on your home screen, very convenient for you to know the time and date! This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

Please provide us your valuable feedback so that we can make improvements. Your suggestions and feedback will be highly appreciated…!
Thanks and enjoy live gun screen lock.

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