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Clap your hands and always find your lost device in this clap to find app.

Clap to Find My Phone is a free app that enables you to find your device by clapping. This app is very useful when you forget where you have kept your phone. It provides Features like a flashlight on call, flash alert on notification & SMS, SMS & Caller name talker, call blocking, Battery level alert and PIN protection.

The Don’t Touch My Phone allows you to be notified when someone touches your phone. This phone finder app will let you set different notification tones.

How to use Clap to Find My Phone App?
Don’t be confused about how to find my phone. We have already provided the complete process in the information tag under the “Clap to Find” section. Here it is:
1. Click on the “Find My Phone” button to enable this feature.
2. Enable Toggle Button. Now you are able to use this feature.
3. You can adjust sound frequency, notification and flash blink speed in “Settings”
4. “Choose Tone” to set your desired tone.
5. The frequency/sensitivity your phone detects is based on the environment which you can set from 1 to 10.
6. You can toggle the flash on/off or set the interval time to vary between 50 to 1500 ms.

Features of this app:
# find lost phone by clapping
# Select any ring to find your phone
# Flashlight strobe/signal with more settings options
# Set battery level for flash notification
# Time setting for DND mode
# Caller Name Talker System
# All your SMS content speaks aloud
# set the pitch of the speech sound
# More security settings for phone security

Key Features of Clap to Find My Phone can help you find your phone and make it easy to find your phone anywhere:

Find My Phone:
This section contains the settings for finding your phone by clapping. It has four sub-tags: Clap To Find, Whistle To Find, Don’t Touch, and Pocket Mode. Find My Phone allows you to enable or disable the feature and its settings. In the second, you can select the alert ringtone. There are three tones available by default or you can choose from your storage with the button below “Choose tone from phone”.

Flash Alerts and DND:
If you want the flash on incoming calls or messages then you can enable flash alerts from the option. This option includes two toggles for calls & SMS. Settings include flash mode, notification setting, flash count, blinking speed and DND mode settings.

Call block:
The Clap to Find My Phone app has call blocking features by which any number from your contact list or selected can be added to the blocklist in the application.

Caller & SMS Name Announcer:
This feature shows the name of the person who had made a call or SMS to you. You can set prefixes and suffixes as well as SMS settings and speech speed.

Charger Disconnect & Battery alert:
You can set the tone when your phone is connected or disconnected from the charger. It alerts when the battery level drops below a selected percentage. It also allows you to protect your phone with a PIN security system while the Charging mode is on.

Don’t touch my phone:
If you want to receive an alarm when someone touches your phone, you can use the “Don’t Touch” feature. Features include flash setting, tone selection, PIN protection system and volume setting.

Main Functionality Access Permissions:
Answer Phone Calls: Answer phone calls permission in this app is used to block calls which are added to the blocklist in the application. (for Android 8 and below).

Read Phone Status: Read phone status permission (for flash alerts during incoming calls) in this application to get the status of any ongoing call.

Bind Accessibility Service: The Bind Accessibility Service permission is used in the application to monitor device actions to receive flash alerts while receiving notifications.

Download This App,Give us a review and be a part of the Clap To Find My Phone family.

Find phone by clap! Cell Phone finder tool without GPS. Save your time on search

Find my phone clap PRO – cell phone finder tool: lost cell searcher for all the family – found by clapping. Gadget works, but lost on silent mode and there is no gps! How to find my phone location? Use Finder by clapping! 

Just clap – and it rings with bright light and vibration! Current gadget position lookup with lost cell clap searcher (finder works in silent and vibration mode). Nice for kids and elderly – useful tool for all the family without gps! Phone location found by clap: easy cell phone finder gadget. Helpful finder tool for all the family – no need to use gps to set device location or spend money on calls!

Find my phone clap – mobile gadget finder & phone tracker tool: clapping for bright light and vibration, lost gadget finder rings in response even on silent mode. Lookup of gadget position with lost phone searcher. This simple finder will detect smartphone by clapping! Cell finder rings on silent and vibration mode so you can locate the phone by response signal. By Clap you can locate your device without gps easily.

Loud clap and location set! The phone will make a loud sound, turn on flashlight and vibration. How to find my phone is no longer a question or problem!

Find my phone clap PRO – cell phone finder tool – app features:
● It enables you to find phone with clapping
● Simply, use your hands to find phone.
● Clap Sound recognition feature activates its alarm system.
● Even if your phone is in silent mode it will resound an alarm.
● Following the alarm sound you can easily locate your device.
● Clap app assists to find your device in darkness pretty easily.
● Hence, you can effortlessly locate your phone without GPS.
● clap to find my phone with alarm ring
● Searching family tool for kids and adults
● Find device & mobile free of charge
● Finder phones without gps

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