If Laugh, you lose – Comedy Videos Challenge

Trying not to laugh is the challenge
Start your camera and try not to laugh in this game for as long as possible. Stay serious, because as soon as you laugh or smile, time stops and the game ends. The application will turn on the front camera of your device to follow your face.
We challenge you to try not to laugh for as long as possible.
Try different challenges and share with your friends

Our mission, is that you have a great time!!

Watch out for distractions
The application will show you comedy videos from the goal of trying not to smile during the challenge. A variety of jokes, short videos and funny are shown randomly, to make you laugh. There are also video about animals, babys, people falling, and much more!

Here are the rules
Here are some simple rules that challenge you to try not to laugh. First of all: don’t laugh. It is also not allowed to move your face away from the camera, so you are forced to see all the fun that is presented during the game (sorry). The last rule is to keep your face serious for as long as possible. The application will keep track of time and save your high personal score.

Laughing science
A smile is our natural response to pleasure or fun. It reduces our stress levels and improves our health. Sometimes happiness makes us smile, but it also works the other way around: faking a smile can make us happy and reduce our stress levels. While this all sounds very healthy, a few minutes without smiling during a “try not to laugh” challenge won’t hurt. So, are you ready to play?
try not to laugh funny videos
try not to laugh with funny animals
try not to laugh with special babys
try not to laugh clean!
Have fun laughing with your friends, family and yourself!

It is the perfect app to have fun but you can also use it to improve your speaking or confidence. You can also play with your children and teach them to laugh without fear of being judged or laughed at. We have videos of all kinds, just the kind you need to watch when you’re bored.

Have fun with people, and laugh non-stop by downloading this app now and share it with your loved ones!

This is the best way to enjoy a smartphone game and have fun at the same time!

We will provide you with hours of laughter no matter what mood you are in, so download now!

Download If you laugh, you lose today for free!

Are you ready?
Are you ready to keep your laugh out? Start the challenge and find out how long you can keep your smile in check!

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