Wi-Fi naannoo keessan jiru hundaa password isaa banuuf

Optimize your WiFi network and vpn service using Wi-Fi Routher

Connect anytime, anywhere! From airports to shopping malls, from restaurants to movie theaters, Wi-Fi Routher’s network consists of many nearby WiFi hotspots. So no matter where you are, you can use Wi-Fi Routher to query nearby Wi-Fi hotspots. Find WiFi on the go with the Wi-Fi Routher app and save money on the go!

The Wi-Fi Routher app for Android includes WiFi security features to increase your security and privacy when using some of the hotspots around you. The app enables your device to automatically connect you to Wi-Fi hotspots when in range.

The Wi-Fi Routher app is so easy to use, you won’t even realize you’re using it! It only takes a few minutes to get started. The app will automatically connect you to a nearby hotspot, even if it’s turned off.

With Wi-Fi Routher, you can:
Connect to hotspots shared by others
See who is connected to your WiFi
Test your internet connection speed
Analyze WiFi network
And many other features…

User privacy and security is a huge concern these days, and Wi-Fi Routher aims to use as few permissions as possible. It only asks to perform analysis. Plus, it’s all open source, so there’s nothing hidden! Most notably, the Wi-Fi Routher app does not collect and store users’ personal privacy information, so you can be sure that it does not send any personal/device information to or receive any information from other sources.
In addition to searching for nearby Wi-Fi hotspots, Wi-Fi Routher also has the function of connecting to servers in farther countries or regions, so you can enjoy Internet access no matter where you are.

Find default WiFi Router password, Router Control and Change WiFi Password.

Forgot your WiFi router password?

Don’t know how to change WiFi password?

WiFi Router Password – Setup WiFi Password helps you get default WiFi Router passwords used to access router setup page.

WiFi Router Password – Setup WiFi Password provides a easy way to find WiFi router Password.

WiFi Router Password – Setup WiFi Password helps you access your router settings and control your WiFi network.

WiFi Router Password – Setup WiFi Password helps you find default WiFi router passwords and setup WiFi router admin.

★ Search default WiFi router password
★ Copy router password and username
★ Change WiFi router password
★ Access Router Setup Page
★ Support All Router admin

Just open WiFi Router Password – Setup WiFi Password, You can easily access your router admin page and change WiFi router settings.

Setup router admin page and Find router passwords for my WiFi router admin page.

The Router Admin Setup(Setup Router WiFi Password) app can help you setup WiFi Router Admin page, Find router WiFi passwords and check your WiFi router details and phone details.

When you want to setup your WiFi router, you aren’t afraid of how to access your WiFi Router admin setup page, the Router WiFi Password app can easily login it.

If you forgot your default WiFi Router admin password, the app can help you find it. The Router WiFi Password helps you find default WiFi router passwords, you can use it to access router setup page or setup WiFi password.

You can use The WiFi Router Password app to control your wifi network, set WiFi Router admin page and WiFi Password, it provides a simple way to access your router settings page and find default router passwords.

Using the app, you can get some information about your WiFi router and your phone details such as IP, MAC address, phone storage and battery information etc.


  • Setup WiFi Router admin page
  • Find default router WiFi passwords
  • WiFi Router Details
  • Phone Details

If you want to easily find default router wifi password and access WiFi router setup page, All Router Admin Setup(Setup Router WiFi Password) App will help you.

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