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10 Spanish insults from Andalucia that may make you sound like an area

IT’S no secret that Andalucia is without doubt one of the most expressive and culturally numerous areas in Spain.

The mainland’s southernmost autonomous neighborhood is the house of flamenco and boasts hundreds of years of historical past with Christian, Catholic and Moorish roots.

This has gifted the Andalucian folks with a melting pot of accents and expressions – together with some very pleasurable insults.

Under are simply 10 of the various enjoyable expressions any foreigner dwelling within the area ought to have of their arsenal.

The flag of Andalucia


An absolute fool, an individual who goes past the fundamental definition of a idiot. In English phrases, an absolute moron. 


This time period is usually utilized in Cordoba and describes somebody who’s boastful or boastful and who interrupts a dialog to make it about them – in different phrases a exhibit. 


Somebody who’s exhausting, annoying or tiresome. The English equal of a ache within the bottom. It comes from ‘hartible’, which arises from the verb ‘hartar’, to be fed up. 

The time period was born in Cadiz however has unfold all through the area.


Somebody who’s a cheat or a trickster, or usually a troublemaker.. It’s typically used towards individuals who cheat at playing cards or board video games. 


Somebody who reveals no credibility or consistency when talking on a subject, regardless of their makes an attempt to look legit. In different phrases a phoney. 


Somebody who may be very annoying or silly. Principally an fool. 


Somebody who lacks a way of humour or struggles to get excited by something. Principally a moist lettuce. 


A coward, somebody who’s all the time scared and by no means dares to take a danger. In different phrases, a giant hen. 


A malicious, nasty, obnoxious individual. In English phrases, a nasty piece of labor. 


Used to explain somebody who’s unproductive, lazy or distracted – though it’s stated amongst mates and family members.

It’s also used as a nickname and is frequent in Huelva and Cadiz, though its use has unfold all through the area.

The origin is unknown however it may very well be associated to somebody who consumes a number of French fries, and subsequently, is attributed to being a little bit careless or lazy.

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