Monday, April 22, 2024

‘Jesus Is Not a Ally of the Republican Social gathering’

Comic John Fugelsang stated Friday on MSNBC’s “The eleventh Hour” that he believed Jesus Christ was not an “ally of the Republican Social gathering.”

Fugelsang stated, “I might love to depart behind right-wing fundamentalists and Christian nationalists use Jesus, his beginning as we have fun, as a prop, whereas legislating and combating towards his precise teachings. There are a number of right-wing brother and sisters on this nation that establish as Christians, and ignore the 30 years of educating.”

He continued, “Jesus will not be an ally of the Republican Social gathering. There isn’t a overlap of Jesus and the insurance policies of Donald Trump. In South Carolina, they tried to have a invoice this 12 months calling for the loss of life penalty for abortion. We’re so pro-life, will kill you. That’s the place we’re at proper now.”

Fugelsang added, “Seeing the Pope this week, enrage the right-wing Christians as a result of he acted like Jesus and blessing on the homosexual unions. Jesus will not be anti-immigrant. He instructions individuals to welcome the stranger. He by no means mentions abortion. The Bible by no means condems abortion. We had two generations of christians within the nation which have been groomed to imagine that criminalizing abortion is one thing to do with what Jesus talked about. Christ was a peaceable, radical, nonviolent revolutionary. He by no means talked about homosexual individuals. He commanded you to pay your taxes, welcome a stranger, people and nations should look after the poor, Matthew 25. He who lives by the sword should facet by the sword, Luke 22. There’s a cause why the right-wingers by no means attempt to put the Sermon on the Mount on the partitions of the school rooms.”

He concluded, “It’s time to story the Bible again from the hypocrites and thugs.”

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